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Wang Wenzhong
Tel:  86-10-64837493
Fax:  86-10-64872070
Mailing Address:  16 Lincui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China
Email:  wangwz@psych.ac.cn
Website:  http://tongxinyuanzhu.blog.163.com/
1984-1988:Beijing Normal University, Department of Psychology, Bachelor Degree of Psychology
1988-1991: Institute of Psychology, CAS, Master Degree of Developmental Psychology
1994-1997: Institute of Psychology of Chinese Academy of Sciences ,Ph.D.
1991-: Institute of Psychology, Research Assistant, Associate Professor, Professor
Research Interests:
1.Mental Health Promotion
2.Dynamic Communication
Community service:
Selected Publications:
1. The Psychometric Properties of Children’s Impact of Event Scale Adminstered via Mobile Phone.Zhuo-Hong Zhu, Fei Huang, Wen-Zhong Wang,Jian-Xin Zhang,Yang Ji, Kui Zhang. The 3rd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering(iCBBE 2009).
2. The Post-Trauma Mobile Service platform and its evaluation. Jiu-Ling Xin, Jian-Xin Zhang, Zhuo-Hong Zhu, Wen-Zhong Wang, Qi Zhang, Hao Wang, Yang Ji. IEEE International Symposium on IT in Medicine & Education (ITME 2011).