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Yan Chaogan
Tel:  86-10-64101582
Fax:  86-10-64101582
Mailing Address:  16 Lincui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China
Email:  yancg@psych.ac.cn
Website:  http://rfmri.org/yan

Year   Degree    Field           Institution
2006    B.S.    Automation         University of Science and Technology Beijing,
Beijing, China
2011    Ph.D.    Cognitive Neuroscience  Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China 

Academic Appointments
2011-2015  Research Scientist, The Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research
2013-2015  Research Assistant Professor, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,
New York University School of Medicine
2015-    Professor, Principal Investigator, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Interests:

1.Resting-state fMRI methodology
2.Brain mechanism of rumination
3.Modulation of spontaneous brain activity: intervention and brain stimulation
4.Resting-state fMRI application to mental disorders

Community service:

Professional Memberships
2009-    Member, Organization for Human Brain Mapping
2014-    Member, Society for Neuroscience
Ad Hoc Reviewing
Journal of Neuroscience; Cerebral Cortex; NeuroImage; NeuroImage: Clinical; Human Brain Mapping; PLoS ONE; Brain Connectivity; Journal of Neurophysiology; Neuroinformatics; Journal of Neuroscience Methods; Neuroscience Letters; Behavioral and Brain Functions; Frontiers in Neuroscience; Frontiers in Human Neuroscience; and Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience. 
Software and Academic Services
1. DPABI: a toolbox for Data Processing & Analysis of Brain Imaging: Initiated and maintain
2. DPARSF: Data Processing Assistant for Resting-State fMRI: Initiated and maintain (Times cited since 2010: 306)
3. The R-fMRI Network (RFMRI.ORG) - a network for supporting resting-state fMRI related studies: Initiated and serving as president and programmer
4. Preprints of the R-fMRI Network: Initiated and serving as Editor-in-Chief
5. The R-fMRI Course: online Course of Data Processing of Resting-State fMRI: created and maintained (Times viewed since 2009: 74575). 

Selected Publications:

1. Yang, H., Chen, X., Chen, Z.B., Li, L., Li, X.Y., Castellanos, F.X., Bai, T.J., Bo, Q.J., Cao, J., Chang, Z.K., Chen, G.M., Chen, N.X., Chen, W., Cheng, C., Cheng, Y.Q., Cui, X.L., Duan, J., Fang, Y., Gong, Q.Y., Guo, W.B., Hou, Z.H., Hu, L., Kuang, L., Li, F., Li, H.X., Li, K.M., Li, T., Liu, Y.S., Liu, Z.N., Long, Y.C., Lu, B., Luo, Q.H., Meng, H.Q., Peng, D., Qiu, H.T., Qiu, J., Shen, Y.D., Shi, Y.S., Si, T.M., Tang, Y.Q., Wang, C.Y., Wang, F., Wang, K., Wang, L., Wang, X., Wang, Y., Wang, Y.W., Wu, X.P., Wu, X.R., Xie, C.M., Xie, G.R., Xie, H.Y., Xie, P., Xu, X.F., Yang, J., Yao, J.S., Yao, S.Q., Yin, Y.Y., Yuan, Y.G., Zang, Y.F., Zhang, A.X., Zhang, H., Zhang, K.R., Zhang, L., Zhang, Z.J., Zhao, J.P., Zhou, R., Zhou, Y.T., Zhu, J.J., Zhu, Z.C., Zou, C.J., Zuo, X.N., Yan, C.G.* (2021). Disrupted intrinsic functional brain topology in patients with major depressive disorder. Molecular Psychiatry. In Press.

2. Yan, C.-G.*, Wang, X.-D., Lu, B. (2021). DPABISurf: data processing & analysis for brain imaging on surface. Science Bulletin, 66 (24), 2453-2455.

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5. Li, H.X., Lu, B., Chen, X., Li, X.Y., Castellanos, F.X., Yan, C.G.* (2021). Exploring self-generated thoughts in a resting state with natural language processing. Behavior Research Methods, In Press.

6. Chen, X., Chen, N.X., Shen, Y.Q., Li, H.X., Li, L., Lu, B., Zhu, Z.C., Fan, Z., Yan, C.G.* (2020) The subsystem mechanism of default mode network underlying rumination: a reproducible neuroimaging study. Neuroimage, 221, 117185.

7. Zhou, H.-X., Chen, X., Shen, Y.-Q., Li, L., Chen, N.-X., Zhu, Z.-C., Castellanos, F.X., Yan, C.-G.* (2020) Rumination and the default mode network: Meta-analysis of brain imaging studies and implications for depression. Neuroimage, 206, 116287.

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(*Corresponding author #Equal contribution)